View the 2017 Laws of the Game here.

MYSL Rules Variations

View the below rules variations or download the MYSL Rules Variations


Playing Time: The MYSL Board supports equal playing time for all players.

SUBS: Notify referee before ball goes out. Sub on referee signal only, your goal kick or your own throw only.

Sporting Conduct: Remind spectators representing your team of our expectations that all persons at the fields teach the players good sportsmanship through example. Should this fail, the referees are instructed to stop the game and remove any person on the sideline who: uses foul language or tries to influence the ref’s calls or criticizes their judgment. (This includes “indirect influence” like discussing a “missed call” or disagreement with a call in a manner that the ref will hear the discussing).

Ruling Classification: Questioning judgment rather than rule interpretation is not allowed! Referee may clarify the interpretation of a specific call if approached reasonably and briefly at breaks but are not allowed to discuss these for more than 15 seconds!, (breaks are theirs as well as the player’s) Ref’s will indicate, but not explain calls. They also will not discuss not calling something that you believe happened while the ball is in play.

MYSL Rules & Laws of the Game

View the below rules or download the MYSL Laws of the Game 2017 sheet.



4U​​          6V6​​​​              3 ​​​       4@6 MIN. QTRS.

5U​​          7V7​​​             ​ 3​​​        4@6 MIN. QTRS.

6U​​   5V5+GOALIE​​​     3​​​        2@15 MIN. HALF

7U​​   7V7+GOALIE​    ​ 3​       ​​ 2@20 MIN. HALF

8U​​   8V8+GOALIE​​     4​​​        2@20 MIN. HALF

10U B ​10V10+GOALIE​​ 4​​​     2@25 MIN. HALF

10U G​​8V8+GOALIE​​ ​  4​​       2@25 MIN. HALF

14U B​​8V8+GOALIE​  ​ 5​​​       2@25 MIN. HALF

14U G​​10v10+GOALIE​​ 5​​ ​ 2@25 MIN. HALF

Parents and family members, please read and share the rules below with each of your children who will be playing or participating in the Middlebury Youth Soccer League.

The following list, while not all inclusive, does represent some of the most common misunderstandings which seem to arise from season to season.

  1. No request to have players put on a special team will be honored.
  2. If registering late, the late fee must be paid before your child can be assigned to a team.
  3. There will be no reimbursements for dropping out of the league.
  4. No smoking on Middlebury Soccer premises.
  5. No Pets Allowed.
  6. If you have any question regarding the playing rules of the MYSL, please ask to see your coach’s rulebook or see a board member.
  7. Any spectator, coach or player disrupting play will be asked to leave the MYSL Fields immediately or will be reported to the Middlebury Police Department. This is also for any refusal to follow the rules that are stated that the board members are trying to enforce.
  8. Legal uniform rulings. MYSL applies the Indiana High School Rules.
    • No earrings or other visible body piercing, no exceptions for just pierced earrings
    • No barrettes or other jewelry.
    • Cast must be wrapped in 1/2 inch foam
    • No baseball or football cleats with front toe stud.
  9. Lastly, decisions made by the referee are final, no exceptions. If you have a grievance, please contact a board member of MYSL

General Information

  1. All spectators will be required to sit on the side of the field opposite side of the players and coaches.
  2. T-Shirt & socks will be provided, you will provide your own BLACK or DARK shorts.
  3. You must provide shin guards. Soccer or turf shoes are strongly recommended. (no front toe stud)
  4. Late registrations will be on a waiting list and not necessarily place
  5. Non co-ed teams beginning at 10U; co-ed teams 4U-8U grade.
  6. Games will be played at Middlebury Youth Soccer Fields on CR 37 on Saturdays.
  8. If registering by mailing in form send to MYSL, P.O. Box 1331, Middlebury, IN 46540 Make check to Middlebury Youth Soccer.